"Electric bicycle safety technical specification"

2018-02-02 09:47

The official website of the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued the approval document of the electric bicycle safety technology specification, and made detailed provisions for all aspects of the technology and technology of electric bicycles.



To sort out the new national standard, the electric bicycle must meet the following technical requirements:



1. must have foot riding ability

According to the new standard, all electric vehicles that want to be included in the management of non motorized vehicles must be driven by others, and must be placed on foot. Only in this way can they be safe. The hardware and software of the electric bicycle should be designed to prevent the tampering of the maximum speed, power, voltage and riding capacity of the bicycle.

2. the maximum speed must not exceed 25km/h

The manuscript will adjust the maximum speed of the electric vehicle from the previous 20km/h to 25km/h, raising 5KM/H on the basis of the original national standard in 1999.

3. the highest quality of the whole vehicle must not exceed 55kg

In the early stage, the vehicle weight of EV is only 40kg under the condition of battery. The new national standard document of the approved country has reached 55kg, which has increased 15kg on the basis of the original.

4. motor power is raised from 240W to 400W

In this standard, the power of the motor is also adjusted to 400W

5. body size is strictly not altered

The new standard stipulates that the center distance of the front and rear wheels of the electric bicycle is not more than 1.25m, and the width of the car body is not more than 0.45M, and it can not be altered casually.

The main contents of the new standard include vehicle logo, vehicle safety, mechanical safety, electrical safety, fire performance, flame retardancy, radio disturbance characteristics, instructions and corresponding test methods. Compared with the current standard, the name of this standard is changed to "electric bicycle safety technology specification". The standard property is changed from the original part to the full text compulsory.

The Ministry of industry and information department's official website also pushed the text today. It answered and answered the new national standard.

The article mentioned the reasons for the urgent need of the new national standard:

In recent years, electric bicycles are becoming more and more large, heavier and faster, while some of them are beyond the current general specification of electric bicycles. For example, the current standard stipulates that the maximum speed of electric bicycles is no more than 20km/h, but at present, the maximum speed of some electric bicycles is over 40km/h in actual use. The current standard stipulates that the vehicle weight is no more than 40kg, but the weight of some electric bicycles is more than 70kg. The performance of these products close to or reach the electric light motorcycle, caused by traffic accidents occurred, resulting in a large number of casualties.

According to statistics, from 2013 to 2017, a total of 56 thousand and 200 electric bicycle traffic accident causing casualties, resulting in 8431 deaths, 63 thousand and 500 injured and direct property loss of 111 million yuan; 5 years, the electric bicycle accident casualties caused by accidents and deaths are rising year by year, the annual rise respectively. 8.6% and 13.5%. In addition, in recent years, the fire caused by electric bicycles has been increasing, which has caused serious casualties and property losses. According to statistics, from 2013 to 2017, electric bicycle triggered a one-time death of 3 people and more than 34 fire accidents, which caused 158 deaths and aroused strong public reaction.

The specific product technical standards revised by the new national standard are mentioned in this paper.

The new standard to enhance the safety performance of the electric bicycle, a part of the terms of the original text to compulsory mandatory, increase anti tampering, fire resistance, flame retardant, charger protection and other technical indicators, adjust and improve the speed limit, vehicle quality, technical indicators such as foot riding ability. Among them, the maximum speed is adjusted from 20km/h to 25km/h, the vehicle quality (including battery) is adjusted from 40kg to 55kg, the motor power is adjusted from 240W to 400W, and the function of pedal riding is mandatory.

The article mentioned the solution of the existing superstandard products:

The new standard will be set up for half a year to 1 years in transition from publication to formal implementation. It will give enterprises some time to carry out new product development, production line adjustment and inventory products digestion. Before the new standard is formally implemented, enterprises should be encouraged to organize production according to the new standards, encourage sales enterprises to sell products that meet the new standards, and encourage consumers to purchase products that meet the new standards.

After the formal implementation of new standards for electric bicycles, consumers have to buy do not comply with the new standards, by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to the relevant laws and regulations and the local actual situation, formulate a proper solution, through natural scrap, replacement, discount, payment of subsidies, repurchase scrap into motor vehicle management mode, gradually dissolve within a few years.

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