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2018-02-02 09:41

People who are concerned about the electric car industry believe they have already known the news of the new national standard for electric vehicles. In January 16, 2018, the national report draft of "electric bicycle safety technical specification" was issued to the social public by the four ministries and the Ministry of industry and information.

Compared with the "old national standard", this standard has the following changes:

First of all, for the vehicle technical indicators, the maximum speed is adjusted from 20km/h to 25km/h, and the vehicle quality (including battery) is adjusted from 40kg to 55kg, and the motor power is adjusted from 240W to 400W. It is mandatory that electric bicycles should have pedal function. In addition, the water dripping, fire protection, fire retardant and radio harassment characteristics of electric bicycles are also added.


The introduction of the national standard at the same time, CCTV reporter first came to the headquarters of Jinhua Luyuan, interviewed the chairman and Mr. Luyuan Ni dealer representative, and broadcast on Chinese "financial reports" and "economic information network".


Beijing Luyuan a dealer: now the new national standard speed and weight, in the current market reached the national standard is very few, the need to adapt slowly.

Luyuan chairman Ni Jie said:

There are a variety of views on the control of the weight of electric bicycles.

The introduction of the new national standard, we need to think about some problems, for example, the lightweight frame should maintain good structural strength at the same time. What should we do? Is the safety of lithium batteries fully solved? What about the faster speed demand for young people and other users? Express industry practitioners seven or eight at present, they use what products?

All these questions should be thought well.

Finally, Ni Dong suggested that we should stand at a reasonable angle to classify the electric bicycles.

Luyuan has been actively promoting the introduction of national standards, and the pursuit of electric car users, manufacturers and managers of the common denominator between three parties, not only to meet the actual needs of consumers, but also conform to the electric car business interests, at the same time can be accepted by the managers. In early 1998, the joint launch parties Luyuan electric car industry the first industry standard "electric bicycle general technical conditions", although this standard is now lagging behind, but at the time, has a positive effect on the great development of the electric car industry norms, the development of electric vehicle industry also has a far-reaching influence.

The new national standard of the publicity, also appeared in a variety of different sounds, as a responsible Luyuan electric car company, will do our best to promote to a better direction, and ultimately consumers, manufacturers and managers of the three win-win situation.

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