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1. Why is the national standard of electric bicycles urgent to be revised?

China is the world's first electric bicycle production and sales country, after years of development, the electric bicycle has gradually become an important transportation consumer daily trip, the whole society to maintain about 200 million vehicles, an annual output of about 30000000 cars, most of the use of lead-acid batteries, lithium ion battery products of about 10%. The current compulsory national standard "general technical conditions for electric bicycles" (GB17761-1999) was launched in 1999. In recent years, many electric bicycle products are getting bigger and heavier, faster and faster. Some of them are beyond the existing standard, which are called "exceeding standard cars" by the masses.

For example, the current standard electric bicycle maximum speed of not more than 20km/h, but the actual use of the electric bicycle products maximum speed of more than 40km/h; present standard vehicle weight of not more than 40kg, but part of the electric bicycle vehicle weight of more than 70kg. The performance of these products is gradually close to the electric moped, but the safety performance is poor, the traffic safety is great, causing a large number of casualties.

In addition, because of the poor fire and flame-retardant performance of some electric bicycles, the fires caused by these bicycles have been increasing in recent years, causing heavy casualties and property damage accidents. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen the management of electric bicycles and protect the safety of the people's life and property by revising the current standards.

Two, what is the principle of the revision of the new standard?

The Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, quality inspection administration (National Standards Committee) four department always starting from the overall economic and social development, based on the leading high quality development of electric bicycle industry in our country, with the three to ensure a stick "as the fundamental principle, namely to ensure consumer safety of life and property, to ensure that all road traffic participants to maximize the common interests of consumers, to ensure that the basic attributes of non motor vehicle travel demand, insist on electric bicycles, guiding standard revision, the revised standard name for the" technical specification of electric bicycle safety ".

One is to ensure the safety of the consumer's life and property. In the basis of careful analysis of the situation of the development of electric bicycle products in recent years and the occurrence of accidents, the new standards adhere to the safety of the bottom line, set the maximum vehicle speed, vehicle weight, motor power, battery voltage, size, fire retardant and other key indicators, to ensure maximum safety of machinery products, all aspects of travel safety, electrical safety and fire safety and safety performance.

The two is to ensure the maximization of the common interests of all road transport parties. Electric bicycles are widely used in our country. Some consumers consider it from a convenient point of view. They hope that the faster the electric bicycle is, the better, the bigger the better, the higher the load capacity is, the better the power performance will be. However, as a road vehicle, the electric bicycle needs to take into account the efficiency of travel, the safety of travel and the order of road. As the electric bicycle belonging to the non motor vehicles, mainly in non motor vehicle lanes, and now in many parts of our country, the limited width of non motorized road vehicles mixed, if the electric bicycle speed, volume, weight and power performance greatly exceeded the bicycle and other non motor vehicles, non motorized vehicles will take a lot of space, or effect of non normal traffic order lanes, or normal traffic of cars and other motor vehicles caused by interference, traffic safety. Therefore, the revision of the new standard is always based on the principle of ensuring the maximization of the common interests of all road traffic participants. We have carefully studied and determined every key technical index.

The three is to ensure the basic travel needs of the vast majority of consumers. In recent years, taking into account the expansion of consumer travel range to accelerate the pace of life, the new standard in order to meet the basic consumer demand for travel, at the highest speed, vehicle weight, motor power and other aspects of the current standards as the basis for appropriate to relax, the maximum speed changed from 20km/h to 25km/h, the quality of vehicle with battery, by 40kg the adjustment for 55kg, motor power changed from 240W to 400W, so travel radius is more than ordinary bicycle riders to consumers, reduce physical demands, improve travel efficiency, accord with the idea and requirement of low carbon and environmental protection.

The four is to insist on the non motor property of the electric bicycle. The electric bicycle is a bicycle with power function in essence. It should be in accordance with the characteristics of the bicycle, that is, it can drive by manpower. Therefore, electric bicycles must have pedal riding function, which is fundamentally different from other motor vehicles, such as electric mopeds, etc., which is also a necessary prerequisite for electric bicycles to be included in the management of non motorized vehicles. Besides, pedal riding can also serve as an important supplement to electric drive, enabling consumers to continue driving when vehicle failures or battery power are exhausted, avoiding long distance implementation and facilitating consumers' use.

Three, what potential legal responsibilities can be brought to consumers by driving "over standard" cars?

"Exceed the standard car" once caused a traffic accident, as part of its key technical indicators beyond the provisions of the standard electric bicycle, and the dynamic performance is significantly higher than that of other non motor vehicles, in the judicial practice will be judged as the motor vehicle, so that drivers take more responsibility in the identification of the accident and the subsequent compensation etc..


For example, in 2014, exceed the standard electric bicycle Beijing Liu after work on the way to take the colleague Mr. Yang driving, when the reverse driving hit Mr. Wang driving the car, causing Mr. Liu left leg fracture, the court identified that Yang driving electric cars in the power battery state, its quality has reached 50.95kg, beyond the standard electric bicycle, motorcycle with standard, belonging to the motor vehicle insurance car, Mr. Wang's decision the insurance company to compensate 120 thousand pay high insurance within the limits for Mr. Liu beyond compulsory insurance losses, Mr. Yang should bear 55% of the liability, Mr. Wang bear 35%, Mr. Liu own 10%; if Mr. Yang driving is a non motor vehicle, you only need to bear equal responsibility with Mr. wang. In 2015, Mr. Ren of Beijing rode an electric bicycle, knocked down an old man walking across the road, and the old man died of salvage. After identification, the president riding the electric car a top speed of over 20km/h, beyond the provisions of the "general technical conditions" electric bicycle, identified as a motor vehicle, Mr. Ren bear the main responsibility for the accident, the local Procuratorate on suspicion of traffic accident, did not get the driving license, driving without registration of a motor vehicle traffic control department of the public security organ on the road of exercise. For the prosecution of Mr. ren.

In 2015, XXX drove a brand electric two wheeled vehicle in Zhejiang, which crashed with the pedestrian walking in front of sun, causing sun injured and died in hospital. After identification, the quality of the vehicle does not comply with the provisions of the "101.2kg," general technical requirements for electric bicycles, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China road traffic safety law" article 119th for motor vehicle related definitions, the appraisal conclusion for the two wheeled vehicles for two wheel motorcycle, belonging to motor vehicle. According to the accident confirmation, XXXX did not get a motor vehicle driving license, driving the two wheel motorcycle running blindly on the road. Its behavior violated the relevant provisions of the "road traffic safety law of the People's Republic of China", and its fault behavior is the direct cause of the accident. The court held that, Xu Moumou in driving failed to fulfill its duty of care, prudent blind driving, and road and pedestrian on the front of the note of the accident, the fault is the main reason, Xu Moumou judgment of compensation to the families of the deceased family members lost income, medical expenses, death compensation, dependents living a total of 1250565.5 yuan fee.

Considering the vehicle production enterprises in the owner's manual clearly shows that the production of portable electric vehicle is a kind of low environmental tools of safety, the member of the same rated load and electric bicycle, bicycle, and riding on the road in the master riding essentials, namely to consumers in the Ming production and sales for the vehicle non motor vehicles, but there is a serious problem for the overweight vehicles without any necessary explanation, so that the defect in the product warning, misleading consumers, the motor vehicle accident has the unreasonable danger, and there is a causal relationship between the accident and the discretion of the vehicle production enterprises responsible for the proportion of 20%, i.e. 250113.1 yuan.

Four, how will the safety performance of the electric bicycle be improved after the implementation of the new standard?

The new standard is changed from the original part to the full text compulsory, thus eliminating the loopholes left by the "non veto".

Two, based on the analysis of all kinds of fire accidents happened in electric bicycles in recent years, we have increased fire safety, flame retardancy and charger protection.

Three is the maximum speed and storage battery to prevent tampering (anti modification) requirements, not to improve the maximum speed and vehicle weight after the production of the product left space;

The four is the stipulation of the outline size. The index of the center distance of front and rear wheels, the width of the car body and the saddle length are defined to prevent the vehicle from being overlong and super wide, and at the same time, to avoid the potential safety hazard of the electric bicycle carrying the adults.

The five is to increase the performance requirements of water drenching, and ensure the electrical safety when riding on a rainy day.

Six is to increase the speed of the prompting sound, to solve the masses criticized by the electric bicycle sound small, fast, from the back to the problem of early warning.

The seven is to increase and improve the writing requirements, should include that the rider to comply with traffic regulations, pay attention to traffic safety and use, check before riding.

Five. Why can't the highest speed of electric bicycles be too high?

The new standards require the maximum speed electric bicycles should not exceed 25km/h, mainly taking into account if the speed is too fast, the probability will directly increase the traffic accident, in case of emergency, the ride accordingly evasive action in a very short time, the braking distance will also grow very easily with other vehicles or pedestrians collide. Sometimes even fell out of control the sideslip phenomenon, caused a lot of personal injury accident. Therefore, the driving speed of electric bicycles is controlled in a reasonable range, which is an important prerequisite for ensuring safety.

Six. Why should the size and weight of electric bicycles be restricted?

The new standard stipulates that the center distance of the front and rear wheels of the electric bicycle is not more than 1.25m, the width of the car body is not more than 0.45M, and the weight of the whole vehicle (including the battery) is not more than 55kg.

Is the main consideration in recent years, some "exceed the standard car" body longer and wider, heavier appearance and performance are gradually motorized and non motorized vehicles squeeze space, this kind of large vehicles easily with other non motor vehicle and pedestrian collision. At the same time, if the weight of the electric bicycle is too heavy and the impact is larger when the collision is large, it will cause serious damage to the other side.

Therefore, in order to ensure traffic safety, the length and width of the electric bicycle and the weight of the vehicle must be restricted.

Seven, why should electric bicycles have foot riding function?

The electric bicycle is basically a bicycle with electric power function. It should be in accordance with the characteristics of the bicycle, that is, it can drive by manpower. If there is no pedal riding function, the electric bicycle has no essential difference from the electric motorbike in terms of product form, power source and usage mode, and it can not be included in the management of non motorized vehicles.

Besides, the pedal riding function also enables consumers to continue driving when the vehicle fails or the battery is out of power, which avoids long distance implementation and is more convenient for consumers to use. According to the international experience, the EU, Japan and other countries and regions have only an electric two wheeled vehicle with foot riding function, which can be included in the category of non motor vehicles. For this reason, the new standard stipulates that the electric bicycle must have foot riding function.

Eight, why should electric bicycles have to improve fire-retardant and flame retardancy?

In recent years, frequent occurrence of fire accidents of electric bicycles, easily fatal fire accidents Qunsiqunshang, a serious threat to people's lives and property safety. Through the investigation and analysis of the causes of these accidents, the vast majority of electric bicycle products the body does not have the basic requirements of fire retardant, once the short circuit of electrical accidents will appear within 30 seconds of fire, then the whole car combustible materials will burst into flames, the fire 3 minutes after the flame temperature can rise to 1200 degrees Celsius, and quickly ignited combustible objects around, if in the room on fire, leaving the personnel to escape time is very limited.

According to statistics, from 2013 to 2017, the electric bicycle caused 3 deaths and more than once the fire accident totaled 34, a total of 158 people were killed; December 2017, Beijing city Chaoyang District Shibalidian Township occurred in the electric bicycle accident caught fire, killing 5 people, 9 people were injured; in September 2017, Taizhou City, Zhejiang province Yuhuan city group to rent the place fire due to short circuit fault of electric bicycle electrical lines, resulting in 11 deaths, 12 people were injured. Therefore, the new standards put forward requirements for the fire and flame retardancy of electric bicycles, and reduce the hidden dangers of fire accidents.

Nine. Is the new standard required for the charger?

The fire caused more and more in recent years the electric bicycle electrical fault and charger failure, the new standards and improve the electrical safety and safety charger content, including wiring installation, short-circuit protection, braking power function, over-current protection function, control function, anti shock and anti charger, there will be conducive to the protection of the public the life and property safety, and promote the healthy development of electric bicycle industry, promote the popularization and application of electric bicycle technology innovation and advanced technology, and further regulate market order.

Considering the current "electric bicycle electrical safety requirements" and "electric bicycle charger technical requirements" two standards in the process of being developed, will be on the electric bicycle electrical safety and safety charger made more detailed requirements, to avoid duplication, this standard only provides the main indicators related to electrical safety and safety charger.

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