The intelligent folding baby carriage is designed with modern leisure atmosphere, safe and comfortable, simple operation, convenient folding, light and stable. The main features are as follows:

The 1. frame is made of advanced aluminum alloy, which is light and stable and durable.

2., without any tools, it can be folded and expanded, and the operation mode is simple.

3., ultra light weight, easy to carry, small volume after folding, more convenient for domestic and foreign travel, easy to put in car trunk or carrying mass transport.

4., the battery is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it is also convenient for people to carry on.

5. accords with the back cushion of human engineering design. It can adjust the front and rear angle to make baby comfortable.

6. solid front and back wheel design.

7. the start is stable, the brake is flexible and stable.

8. body appearance, beautiful and elegant line, smooth and beautiful surface, environmental protection and durability.

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